Acupuncture for Cancer Care


“I was diagnosed with breast cancer. They decided that I would need chemotherapy followed by radiotherapy. In the middle of the radiotherapy I also began Tamoxifen. Within a couple of weeks I started to have hot flushes. At first they were four or five times a day and very manageable and I initially thought they would stay this way. I then started Zolodex and unfortunately they increased In both frequency and severity. By the time I started seeing Alison I was having hot flushes pretty much every hour that I was awake and they were causing me to wake several times a night. They were really strong and I would need to shower or change clothes several times a day, they were particularly bad from the neck up and I was actually very grateful that I didn’t really have much hair! Luckily I didn’t have the really bad night sweats that required changing the bed sheets. It was lovely to meet Alison and she immediately put me at ease. It was so nice to meet someone who was there for me and for a positive reason. I felt really ready to tackle these flushes, but not 100% sure that acupuncture would actually help. I noticed a small drop in the frequency and seventy after the first session, and a continued decrease after the second, which was a fortnight later. I was not sure if it was the acupuncture or just my body getting used to the new drug

I was unable to see Alison for what would have been the third session two weeks later, but booked for two weeks after this. During the third week after treatment 2, I noticed the hot flushes rising again in frequency and severity and by the fourth week was almost back to where I started. Clearly acupuncture had been helping to keep them at bay. A third treatment and then a fourth has got them back to a manageable level. I can thoroughly attest to the value of acupuncture in managing the hot flushes and the caring and supportive nature of Alison is so positive, I feel as if I am regaining control of my physical self and settling into my new normal”. Mrs B

Post Breast Cancer Recovery/Hot Flushes:

“I have had two acupuncture sessions with Alison and have felt a remarkable improvement. I was experiencing nerve damage and numbness to my fingertips following 6 months of chemotherapy. After my first session I believe these symptoms were reduced by 50%, this improvement also continued after the 2nd session. Several other weaker or damaged areas of my body have also benefited from the acupuncture. This was a new form of therapy to me, but I was immediately put at ease by Alison’s caring and considerate approach, constantly explaining the processes involved and the changes that she was working to achieve. I would highly recommend this therapist and treatment”. Mr K

Post-Chemotherapy Peripheral Neuropathy

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