Acupuncture for Pain & Inflamation


“I saw Alison over a period of 2 years & she made a huge difference to my health. Having been diagnosed with RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) a year before, I was on steroids & suffering with lots of pain & reduced movement. Thanks to regular treatments & the supplements Alison recommended, I am off steroids & have just reduced my medication by half.

At the same time, Alison reduced other side effects of previous chemo treatment for cancer, which included digestive issues, night sweats & irregular periods. I cannot recommend her enough!!” Mrs R

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

“My daughter came to Alison at eleven years old after 18 months of joint pain. It started in her big toes and travelled to her knees. Blood tests were inconclusive but ruled out any arthritis. Persistent pain had made her feel anxious and frustrated. Alison’s calm and reassuring manner instantly put her at ease and the relief that someone finally believed her pain was real meant she was happy to try acupuncture as a treatment. After the first session her pain went from a 7-8 [out of 10] to a 3-4 and has been consistently improving with each treatment. She now has periods of being pain free. Her sleeping is better and her anxiety much better controlled”. Mrs F for her daughter

Joint Pain

“I’m feeling a lot better. More energy and flexibility around problem shoulders. Pain reduced at night. Less pain means my emotions are good as being in constant pain drags you down”. Mrs R

Shoulder pain:

“Just a quick note give you some news with you that I couldn’t wait to share until our next session. I’ve woken this morning to find I have regained some movement in the effected side of my face. As you can imagine I’m jubilant and wanted to share this with you and say a big thank you for the treatment so far, I‘m totally convinced this rapid sign of recovery is due to the sessions we’ve had”. Mr W

“Alison, you are amazing. I fell down the stairs on Monday and was very stiff and in a lot of pain. After visiting you today, you have got me moving again, and the bruising looks much healthier. I can evenput my socks on. Thank you!” Mrs M

Acute back and neck pain

“I’ve spent 5 months with a wrist complaint which I visited Alison for acupuncture to help. In my role as a hairdresser, I couldn’t stop working and certainly wasn’t prepared to let my clients down. In that time period I’ve been prescribed anti inflammatory drugs and painkillers to help alleviate the pain – nothing has touched the pain during that time period, bar one thing – acupuncture. After seeing her I instantly feel the difference in my wrist, the painkillers have made me literally crawl to bed they’ve been that strong but still I had that permanent nag. I can hand on heart say that after seeing Alison August she helped me get through a manic three day weekend With three weddings and back to back clients. I honestly don’t think I could have done it without her.

If you are skeptical about acupuncture then seriously book an appointment because once you see the benefits, there really isn’t much that compares to it. Alison’s approach is also spot on, she’s informative, helps you understand what’s going on and recommends things to help you. Acupuncture has been my lifeline for pain relief and I wouldn’t go anywhere else”. KE

Wrist Pain

“Alison helped relieve the symptoms of plantar fasciitis using electro-acupuncture when all other treatments failed. Worked after one session. Simply miraculous”. SW

Plantar Fasciitis

“Thank you for the two treatments I had recently for pain in lower back and buttocks resulting in discomfort when sitting and bad pain down the back of both thighs due to trapped sciatic nerves. I had the pains for about four weeks before I attended you for the treatments, and after just two treatments I had good relief. I would definitely recommend your acupuncture skills to help anyone with this sort of problem. Thank you very much” Mrs R

Back pain & sciatica

“I started to see Alison at One Acupuncture for persistent migraines which I had been having for many years. Following trips to GPs, Chiropractors and Neurologists, holistic acupuncture was just another option to try to help alleviate the problem. Following regular treatment my migraines have not only reduced in frequency but also severity – meaning I can now go 2 months + without a migraine compared to averaging twice a month for many days at a time. I now see Alison every 4 weeks on a “health maintenance” basis. She not only helps me keep my migraines and muscle tension under control, but on every occasion also takes into account my general health and wellbeing, adapting my treatment accordingly”. Mr G


“I discovered Alison via many a recommendation whilst seeking treatment for Bells Palsy (facial paralysis). Doctors had rated the severity of the Palsy as 4/5 (5 being the worst) and given an estimated recovery’ time of anything from 3 months to a year, if indeed it did come back. I went to Alison for my consultation in a fragile state, but even just talking to her, I felt better, comforted from all recent stresses and relieved, that I’d found her. I had been trying lots of remedies for the two weeks prior to meeting Alison and was taking 38 tablets a day (including steroids) in the hope of getting some movement back in my face – and so far nothing had worked. After the first treatment with Alison there was not only a significant improvement to my face, but to my whole being. I felt light, de-stressed and what can only be described as ‘better’. Mrs A

Bell's Palsy:

“I haven’t felt this good for years. I’m guessing this morning’s dose of painkiller should have worn off by now so I’m putting my lack of pain down to you. Wow thank you”. Mr C

Back & coccyx (tailbone) pain

“I have always been an active person so suddenly having pain in my legs and feet that progressively escalated to painful hips, restless legs. It was debilitating to say the least. I was waking several times a night and feeling exhausted the next day. I had been to several GPs, being told I would have to live with it. I was referred to Physiotherapy 3 times (no joy) I invested in a new bed, a new mattress, corrective footwear, a vibration plate, Pilates, tens machine, and a chiropractor. I was constantly taking over the counter medication just to sleep for a few hours. I was putting on weight because walking was uncomfortable and I would suffer as soon as I sat or lay down. I felt I had aged before my time. My intention in doing all this was so that I could go back to the GP and say “Now What” As a last resort I thought I would have one final shot at Acupuncture! I contacted Alison, explained my symptoms and subsequently enrolled in her pain clinic. I cannot thank her and her treatment enough. I recently joined a running club and have completed 2 Park runs (5 Km) so far. I no longer take medication, I am enjoying walking the dog again and walk Virginia Waters frequently. Although at times I still get a niggle it is nothing like I experienced. I intend to continue visiting Alison as I am definitely in a better place. I just wish I had found her sooner. If you are contemplating acupuncture, DO IT!!! I’m happier and my dog is over the moon”. JW

Restless Legs

After five treatments alone (in approximately 3 weeks), my face regained all movement. The above speaks for itself. Alison is amazing as what she does, but what it doesn’t capture is just how lovely she is too. Alison’s great enthusiasm for acupuncture is infectious, she has the most soothing presence and her knowledge is inspiring. I have a very big fear of needles and I’m looking forward to my next treatment. Say no more! Only, thank you again Alison, you are wonderful at what you do and a lovely lady!”. (Mrs U) Mrs U

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